No Room Air Blower

The room air blower in all England's stove works pellet units is controlled by the circuit board. this blower does not start until the unit has reached operating temperature. use the following steps to determine why the room air blower is not running.

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1. Is there a fire in the unit? the unit must be at operating temperature to turn on the blower.

2. What is the "blower speed" set at?  The room air blower runs very slowly in its lowest settings and does not run at all in setting 0.

3. Does the stove shut off completely at 20-30 minutes from starting?  The circuit board's heat sensor must read enough temperature during startup to engage the "run" mode of the stove, if this temperature is not read by the sensor, not only will the room air blower not come on the stove will shut off.  If this is the case, check the heat sensor wires , make sure that the sensor is tight against the firewall and that it is plugged in to the control board.  If this is all correct replace the heat sensor (part number PU-CBHS ).

If the problem is not solved by using the steps above, remove the rear access panel, locate the blower and follow its wires back to the control board. unplug the two room air blower wires from the control board plug them into the terminals for another component such as the lower auger motor. and turn the unit on , the room air blower should start if the blower itself is good.  If the blower still does not start the blower should be replaced.

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